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This is the iPhone version.
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SAT Vocab helps you review the most common SAT vocabulary words (over 1,000 words).

Word Mode tests your ability to match a definition with the correct word being displayed on screen.

Definition Mode quizzes you on the correct word for a displayed definition.

In both Word Mode and Definition Mode you can save words and definitions and review them later in Saved Words.

All Words allows you to browse the entire collection of words and view the definition for each word.


Nice and simple

I like the layout of this app. And it looks good and sleek. Great way to learn vocab. Hopefully more features come out in some updates, but it's still better than a lot of the other apps that are like it.

Great. Really helped me
the fredrick

This app really helps me learn SAT words but it would be perfect if it could quiz u on the first 25 words and not 25 random words.


When I tried to do the quizzes and clicked on the definitions it told me I was wrong, but then when I went back to the words and definitions the one I had clicked on was correct. Bad app did that for the next 5 words after that

Very poor

I downloaded this figuring it would help me but the definitions I know I got right it told me I was wrong. Very dissatisfied. Fix this. Until then no stars.


Tells me I got an answer incorrect even though it is correct

All my answers were incorrect

Something is wrong with this app. All of my quiz answers were marked as incorrect, even though I am an SAT tutor and have an impeccable vocabulary.

A doh

This app is awful! It is very inaccurate with definitions. Also, it tells you that you got the word incorrect when it is actually correct! Don't waste your time with this app. THIS WILL NOT HELP YOU WITH SAT'S


Clean off your glasses people ... This app is full of error... There are better

Good update

Easy to save words

Good update

Nice interface compared to version 1.0