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Santa Gift Express Delivery - Fun Christmas Game

Ever wondered what it’s like to be Santa on christmas, delivering gifts around the world!
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There is only one Santa and a lot of kids, whether naughty or nice, have prepared a long wish list for Santa.

So your mission is to help out santa deliver as many gifts as possible by tapping and throwing gifts into chimneys.

Santa Gift is a fun game that puts you in Santa’s shoes and in control of his sleigh!

Can one jolly old man with four loyal reindeers and one enthusiastic player make the difference!

See how you are ranked across the globe and can you deliver more gifts than the current world-wide champion.

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It looks easy, but is quite challenging to play. Nice game!


Funny game, not too difficult. Please add some new levels and background!!!

Good game

My kids really enjoy play it! So addicting!

Simple but addictive!

Simple graphs and gameplay but keeps my kids calm and quiet!