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[RUUD] has been released.
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Photo & Video $0.99 CHUNGNYUNG KANG iPhone, iPad, iPod

[RUUD] is a camera made with double exposure motif of film camera.

When using a film camera, sometimes I accidentally take a picture twice.
I can not get enough film and time to leave.

But rather than overlapping two eyes in one frame
I can expect a result that is different and interesting.

By using [RUUD], the intended double exposure
Take a dreamy and mysterious picture.
You do not have to scold the film!

Film camera with sensitivity filter
Manual focusing up to focus

The unexpected freshness of the product
I tried to have a pleasant feeling when I took pictures.

Take two photos and come out randomly
Expect emotional photos.

Thank you for your interest.

[How to use]
[●] Press camera shutter twice to take a double exposure picture.
[+] You can also create double exposure photos by overlapping two photos already taken.

* Pictures are automatically saved in the [RUUD] album!

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