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Russian Dolls Popper!

Stand beside me, my Russian Dolls...
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Games Free COLOPL, Inc. iPhone, iPad, iPod

Pop the Russian Doll open to find even smaller Russian Dolls! Can you find what's hidden inside?

Kuma the Bear's newest game is fun for everyone!
Tap the falling Russian Dolls with your finger! Popping them open feels great!
Check out the unique action game "Russian Dolls Popper!" today!

A friend from Russia sent you a Russian Doll...without an opening!
Unable to suppress your curiosity, you embarked on an addictive binge of Russian Doll popping...

Controls are simple!
1. Tap the falling Russian Doll!
2. A new Russian Doll will pop out!
3. Your score will depend on the Russian Doll's position when you tap it!

When you pop open a Russian Doll, a smaller one will pop out.
Some look like girls, while others look like chicks, cats, and even old men!
Pop them open before they drop all the way down your screen, and find out what will eventually reveal itself!

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◆ No registration required! Play right away!
◆ Addictively easy controls!
◆ You'll never guess what is inside each Russian Doll!
◆ Keep playing to improve, and compete against your friends!

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