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Run Jump N' Slash!

Brought to you by the creators of Space Gladiator and Infinity Sword, Run Jump N' Slash! is a brand new endless running rpg that adds a new twist to the genre! Dynamic, random events await you at every turn!
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Games Free Alec Hall iPhone, iPad, iPod

Will you help the poor witch in the cabin? Or will you face the might of the dragon alone? Will you survive the onslaught of knights from their castle? Your life is up to fate, and your skill with a spear.

*Dynamic ever changing world!*

*Massive bosses from fire-breathing dragons to gigantic wurms!*

*Many powerful spells from fireballs to transformation potions!*

*Challenging combat using a combination of ranged and melee weapons and shields!*

*Find party members that can help you in your journey by shielding you or dropping trees on your enemies!*

*And the list goes on!*


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