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rooom - 3D, AR & VR Plattform

rooom is your personal multi-dimensional creative space, set up according to your ideas. Your personal "living room" on the Internet, where you can collect your favorite furniture, songs, apps and favorites in 2D, 3D and VR and share them with your friends. Unite all your interests in one place!
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So far you've told your friends what you do and what you like. Now you can finally show them!

7 revolutionary features that make rooom the best social network you've ever experienced:

Unlimited possibilities: At rooom you don't just get a dashboard or pinboard. You get a whole rooom. Your space for ideas. Set it up the way you want. You decide which furniture in which colour can be seen in your rooom. You decide which songs and which movies are on your shelf, which music your system plays and what you or your visitors can see when you or your visitors look out of the window.
Forever for free: Despite the revolutionary technologies and the considerable development effort, we decided to offer rooom for private users completely free of charge. Forever and ever!
Share with your friends what you love: Sharing is now 3D! Would you like to recommend music, movies, games or books to your friends? Just invite them into your rooom and they can take a look at what you like in your personal shelf. Or look at the pizza box of your favourite delivery service on your table. And on the virtual TV screen, your favorite TV show is on. This is how sharing works today!
Modern multichat: A complete chat program with all modern functions is already part of rooom. Easily integrate the networks and services you're already logged into.
On all your devices, in all dimensions: Experience rooom from different perspectives. No matter whether via PC, smartphone, tablet or console. You decide whether you want to experience rooom in 2D, 3D or VR.
Immediate start with tutorial: Register now for free and start directly with the intuitive tutorial. Within a very short time you will bring your own virtual space to life.
Universal tool: How many different apps do you use? How many places do you collect books, music and videos? Which chat programs do you prefer to communicate? Whatever your preferences may look like, rooom has rooom for them.

Security and privacy
When you share data - in whatever form - on the Internet, it is a good feeling to know that they are as safe as in a safe. According to this principle, the rooom team worked on the perfect security architecture of the network from the very first minute.
Only you alone determine to what extent you want to share your content and who of your friends can see it.

Your experience at rooom could soon look like this
After repainting the wall in your virtual room and placing your new shoes on the shelf next to the front door, you can take a look out of the window at the skyline of your hometown.
You remember that you wanted to visit Anna's rooom for a while, because she wants to show you something. Since you are good friends, she has allowed you to go in and out with her whenever you like.
As soon as you arrive, you look at your shelf to see what she has left for you. So that's the song she meant. You listen to it and shake your foot. The film, which Anna liked to borrow, is placed on her shelf.
Markus just wrote to you in the chat that the party starts tomorrow at 22:30 o' clock. You write back briefly and return to your own rooom. Soon you will place a new couch here and put some new books and videos on your shelf, but that can wait.


selena~ nick name sese

Well why do we have to do our e-mail address I really don’t want to send it and for forgot my password

So confused
Tori Amijro

What? I thought it was a social media network, but instead I was put in an empty white room by myself.

skyler lecker



I enter my info and it refuses to let me log in. Most likely a scam to steal info.

Worst app ever

The worst app I hav ever even installed do not get the app it is the worst in history


Doesn’t work a need a crap ton of work

Is this a scam?
Jeff the killer kid

One, when I was signing up it said “chancel” instead of cancel. Two, I put in my correct email AND my password but it said it was incorrect. Three, I didn’t get to do anything. 1/5 stars...

Similar to Intellilink

Watch the Intellilink episode of South Park and you will find the similarities between this app and that program.

Not English!

You do not feel that this is not English

Decent app but terrible controls
Gino X Hyena

The controls on this app really need an improvement, and the editing mode is a little wonky. For example, when I try to select a table, it keeps on selecting the floor instead. It took me about ten maybe more attempts to just delete a table. And usually when I place an item, it duplicates the item five times. It's very annoying...