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Roller Coaster : Going Balls

Roll the ball on the twisty road with an extremely speed.
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Games Free 广杰 周 iPhone, iPad, iPod

Move the ball to avoid the gray blocks and hit the color blocks, hit the center of color block can get a good score.

Block Effect:

Gray Block: Game Over
Yellow Block: Add 1 point to score, trigger center will get additive points.
Green Block: Random effect, over, 2.score points, 3.coins



Why are there so many black walls like come on now do better ???‍♀️


It is so addicting and fun thank you so much


I don’t know what that other person saying there is to many black walls is talking about. This game is great for children and adults. My little 3 year old sister is loving it and so am I. People who complain don’t know what you are talking about. Thank you it is great!!??

Paisley Robinson
paisley robinson

Love it so much

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