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You awaken in a strange yet familiar place. You must use stealth and intelligence to avoid capture from the enemy agents. You must escape every world. You must learn the truth.
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Games Free Roguebox Studios Pty Ltd iPhone, iPad, iPod

"Rogue Agent is a great way to spend an evening for stealth fans" - Touch Arcade (4/5 stars)

"An original stealth game with some pretty interesting mechanics" - Adrian Moore (designer - Framed)

"If You love stealth games, this one is an easy pickup" - App Addict

"Roguebox Studios knows how to make a good game, and it is surprising this is their first one" - Droid Gamers

"An awesome puzzle and adventure game that will keep you and your agent on your feet" - Cult of Mac

"For a unique experience, this one is a terrific addition to the strategy genre" - App Advice


-Sneak your agent's through 52 bite sized puzzling maps. Replay them and try harder routes to unlock developer commentaries and secret levels.

-Use strange and creative gadgets such as the Scramble Suit, Sonic Mine, Recaller and Quick Clone

-Complete fun and intuitive mini-games such as Hacking, Lockpicking and Wiring.

-Avoid capture from the guards (made even more challenging when they are upgraded with weapons or nightvision goggles)

-Featuring an in-game replay system! Trim and share your replay videos on social media. Always recording so you never miss a cool moment.

-Even more bragging rights with leaderboards and achievements


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Rogue Agent
Q*bert goes boom

Not a bad little stealth game for the money. It's got some good gadgets. Control is pretty good most of the time. Switching between characters (later in the game) can be a little problematic. Dropped one star because the graphics are a little too simple and generic. Still a good game. Hope to see more of this type of game from Roguebox Studios.

Please fix level 7.1

Hello,there I have a problem with this particular level, and is that when you are escaping the game crashes sending me back to home in my iPhone. Please fix this, and I would change my review.