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Only $1.99($0.99 for now!) In-App Purchase to unlock the Launch Mode so that you can enjoy the realtime interactive sound tracks of all fancy vehicles.
Category Price Seller Device
Entertainment Free Dongchen Zhang iPhone, iPad, iPod

Another $0.99 In-App Purchase to unlock the Music Mode so that you can customize your own playlist from the iPod one and accelerate your music play with fancy engine sounds together.
In total, $2.98($1.98 for now!) In-App Purchase enables the Rock Engine ROCK&ROAR for you everywhere forever!

* 9 different authentic recorded and synthesized transportations:
3 new sounds:
Honda CBR 600 F4i (sports motorcycle with a V4 engine)
Nissan GTR R35 (new age sports car with a V6 engine)
Cobra RS427 (classic muscle car with a V10 engine)

6 legacy sounds:
Audi R8 (sports car with a V10 engine)
Ferrari 458 (sports car with a V8 engine)
Porsche 911 (sports car with a V6 engine)
Ferrari F10 (Formula One)
LoadStar 1800 (heavy duty truck with a diesel engine and an air brake)
8Bit F1 (F1 car with an unique 8Bit sound)

More vehicles will soon be available...

* Automatic downshift during acceleration:
Rock Engine immediately fires up the sound wave of horsepower as acceleration starts. No need to take risks to press any button on your device while driving.

* Realistic details of half-clutch:
The Random Rev during launching up and the thrill while changing gears, can you feel that? Rock Engine adopts sophisticate algorithm taking the clutch into account to simulate the real engine RPM.

* GPS & Accelerometer - Hybird realtime speed detection:
Rock Engine uses GPS signal to synchronize the vehicle's speed and automatically switch to Accelerometer when GPS signal is weak.

* Environmental Audio Effects:
What can be more breathtaking to hear the reflection of sound waves between a V8 engine and a rock tunnel arch. Fortunately, Rock Engine can simply make it. Do not wait to take a ride in a tunnel with your device running Rock Engine.

* Super bass enhancement:
Rock Engine provides special audio tracks of infrasonic explosion from exhaust tubes in most engines.

* Stimulating Drifting and braking playback:
Once secured inside the vehicle, Rock Engine uses the accelerometers of your device to realistically respond to acceleration burnout, braking and drifting.

* Tempo with speed:
Rock Engine enable you to customize playlists to shuffle play music tracks from the iPod Library when enjoy every engine roar. Also wanna tune up the tempo? Speed talks.

Secure your device like iPhone, iTouch or iPad in your vehicle.

Connect your device to your car stereo using an audio cable or a FM radio transmitter.

Start up Rock Engine and pick up a vehicle in Launch Mode.

Accelerate straight forward for few seconds after pressing the "Engine Start" button.

Have fun with "Rev" button while stopping.

If Rock Engine always delay to accelerate when your vehicle starts from zero or display a wrong direction of drifting arrows, it means Rock Engine has not been well initialized, you need to press the "x" button at the right top corner to return to the menu and go into Launch Mode again.

If Rock Engine keeps accelerating while stopping an upward slope, please press "Reset" button.

Rock Engine roars the rhyme of speed anywhere, in your car, on a bus, in the subway from station to station, running or even on a workout bicycle.

Rock Engine works well with any iOS device, but works best with a GPS equipped one.

When using Rock Engine with a Bluetooth audio connection, you may experience latency.

If you would like to control the engine by hand, please choose Accelerometer mode in Gameplay configuration.

If you cannot secure your device (e.g riding a bicycle or holding by hands while workout), please choose GPS mode if your device supports GPS.




Gameboy style

Sounds like an 80s atari game. If you want real sound look elsewhere.