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Rival Regions — War & Politics

In Rival Regions you will be able to create political parties, get a place in parliament and issue laws, travel to hundreds of regions all over the world and obtain oil, gold, ore, uranium and diamonds.
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Games Free Roman Sayakhov iPhone, iPad, iPod

You will take part in air, land, sea and space wars, create your own newspapers and publish articles, use real world regions to form your own state and choose its form of government: dictatorship or presidential republic? It's your choice!



Been a RR player for a few years now. Bugs seem to go unfixed. Haven’t been able to attack or work for almost a week no matter what I do. Connection is good on my end. Please fix this bug or I will be uninstalling.

App don’t work
Noah T Hill

This app don’t work anymore needs work


Is there anyway you can play offline?

Thank you
Drago Von Iola

This game is much more than a game, it’s a community, I have been around since Australia was united(roughly 3-4 years) and O have met hundreds of people. Thank you for allowing me to do so.

Give them five stars

This game is just so impressive

You can’t make an account with your email

We should be able to use an email to make an account (and if we need a username then that too)

Can't login

It looks like a great game but I can't login I would change my review if I login and play but as for now i guess I can't play.

H8TE Viper

I really wish that it wasn’t multiplayer. The reason is because when you join very late the world is already taken up. Please make a solo version.

You Dumb Person

So, I tried to download this app, but when I tap the app, it is just a white screen, How the hell haven’t you fixed this?

Sounds interesting but you can’t sign up.

As I said it sounds neat but it crashes and goes white when I try to sign up.