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- Role Playing + Tower Game !!!
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- New concept of the next generation tower game
- Modern Weapons v.s. Ancient Monsters
- Technology v.s. Magic
- Upgradable weapons from Bows,Catapult to Sniper Guns, Missiles
- Control your player to fight monsters with various skills, NOT just building tower alone!
- beautifully hand drawn game stages

Are you sick of those "tap, build and watch" tower games? Have you ever dreamed about a tower game in which you can:
* Move a character around and kill enemies using your own hands, not just relying on towers and simply watching
* Create your own unique build using skill points, not the same build for everyone
* Active enemies! Why are those monsters in other games too dummy to attack towers?
* Who said we cannot use modern weapons to kill monsters? I wanna see Machine Guns v.s. Dragon!

Here we go!

This is the game for you!!

In this game, your main character was a gangster from modern age, but he was sent to ancient time full of monsters from fairy tales. He has to fight by himself, using modern knowledges to build weapons. While keeping struggling in the monster world, he also tries to figure out where he is and how to come back home...

The story, which was called the legend of Rift Warrior, just began...

What's fun? Let me answer your questions:

Tower building?
---Yes! We have multiple weapon systems for you to build and upgrade. Each new weapon is not just an "enhanced" one, but a totally new weapon with new effects.

Role playing and character build?
---Yes! It's just like the traditional role playing game in which you get experience to level up and learn different skills.

Can I move my player around to fight enemies?
--YES! That's where the fun is :)

Can I level up by killing monsters?
--- Absolutely YES! You get much more experience and money by playing the "last kill" to eliminate the enemy. Or you can simple standing close to enemies and get experience/money when they are killed by weapon buildings, but it's less than being kill by you.

Can I have different skills?
--- YES! We have 10 skills for you to learn, but you have to level up before learning new skills in most cases.

Is there a storyline?
--- YES!

Can I focus on character build to solo the game?
---Sure. It might be difficult, but feel free to try it out!

Can I just leave my character alone and rely on tower weapons to fight with monsters?
--- Definitely. You can choose your own game playing style. Either make your own hands dirty by swinging your know knives, or just keep creating tower weapons!

The story is yours, and the legend of Rift Lord begins now! Have fun!!


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