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The Rift Soul Calculator is a helpful utility, created by Rift fans for Rift fans. We've outfitted the calculator with the latest Rift Soul Tree data, and we've updated the graphics to fit your iPad and iPhone 5.

Build your Rift soul tree wherever you are - on the go. Plus, choose to sync your builds to iCloud.

Includes German, French and English descriptions

NOTE: All previously saved builds are not compatible with this version, and will be lost.



It's highly outdated. Specially due to all the changes made in the 1.8 path. However if you know you class souls very well you can still play around with it without using up ur data. Otherwise I recommend using riftzam online.

Hit and miss

The app is usually updated within a few days of a new major patch, but for some reason 1.8 has not been updated for several weeks. I love the app, but it's virtually useless without being updated constantly.

No longer up-to-date with Rift patch 1.8

This app used to be updated within days of major updates but has still not been updated for changes with update 1.8. A Facebook message to the author has also gone unanswered.

Spelling error

Every skill description box says "Curren Rank"

Well designed
Chaz Naezda

Very good app for theory crafting builds while away from your pc. The only reason its not a 5 star is because it is often slow on updating its trees to the new updated from trion for the game.


This app is awesome. Very easy to use, runs smooth, and looks good. I found myself playing on this app for a good 30 minutes as soon as I downloaded it.

Slow Updates

Always so slow to update after a patch!!

Love this

This app is amazing. It's extremely accurate, I haven't noticed any mistakes at all. It runs perfectly without any problems, and I haven't seen a limit to the amount of saves you can keep for your souls. I definitely recommend it!


Great application!!! Easy to use and straightforward design. BUT !! Can you please update it to match the latest update for Rift . New souls . New talents . And I wish the application could sync with soul building web sites like "Riftzam"


this hasnt been updated since april of 2011, i mean the mage trees still have the ground of power talents. if someone wants to they should remake this app on their own, but this app by itself shows no signs of ever being updated again