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Resume Developer - Create resume on the Go

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Resume Developer - Create resume on the Go
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Need a professional resume for your dream job or need a resume for a perfect career, this app will develop your best resume ever. This app has all great features which are required to develop a perfect resume. This app will help you to develop resume in less than 30 minutes with different format as many as 5 different professional Resume formats.

This app is perfectly developed to fulfill your entire requirement for developing resume that’s why it is called Resume Developer. It will develop a resume as per your thought and need. With this app you can even customize the resume format available with this app which is one of the best features available for resume app on iTunes App Store.

Once real data are filled in the app, you can review the Resume, that how actually it will look from 5 different formats, and still you need to change the format, you can change the order & generate Resume PDF and share it via Mail, Dropbox and Drive. Insert details as you go ahead in the app, app have all required stuff for professional Resume or CV. App has features of Signing the resume which no other app has on App Store. App gives you many customizing Title and description for more precise data.

It has below features which will help you in developing your resume.

•Can develop more than 1 Resume Profile, can add many profiles as you need – Best Feature for Resume app on iTunes App Store (Pro)
• Add Personal Details
• Add Educational Details
• Add Project Details
• Add Experience Details
• Add References as many you need
• Other extra details.
• Need more, add your own customized details with Title & Description.
• Gives you tip about completion of your resume out of 100%, so that you can come to know about your resume completeness.
• Export to PDF & Share your Resume
• More than 1 PDF Format for different Resume options
• Customize Resume – This is the best feature to design Resume as per your need (Pro).

Here are the Tips for this app

o Use Exact information for Best Resume
o Use different format for different Resume
o Fill all details for complete Resume

Get this app and generate your Best Resume ever and get your Dream Job. Support by Rating and Review app. For Feedback and contact us, go to Settings - > Feedback, we will be happy to help you.

More features coming soon. For any other assistance please feel Free to contact us @ resumeiOS[at]360technosoft[dot]com.


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