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Resident Evil: Degeneration Lite

Play the entire first chapter of the acclaimed 3D survival horror shooter for FREE!
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7 years after the tragedy in Raccoon City a lone zombie is released into a bustling American airport. Panic grips the crowds as more passengers are turned, and an ordinary autumn afternoon becomes a nightmare.

Resident Evil: Degeneration™ Lite uses a full 3D engine and console quality graphics to immerse you into a terrifying survival horror experience.

Use your in-game PDA to collect intel, manage inventory and access maps.
“Laser targeting” allows you to make aimed accurate shots.

Backgrounds, character models and objects are all rendered in full 3D.

Intuitive context sensitive control scheme.
- Action icons pop up as needed.

Accelerometer features:
- Shake iPhone/iPod Touch to “Shake off Zombie” melee attacks.
- Shake device to reload.



I have Resident Evil 4. It was so fun that I hoped this would be just as good. I was so wrong. The controls are terrible. The graphics are bad. The aiming is just way too slow! I hated it. It can't hold a candle to RE4. Don't waste your money. I wish I could give a zero to this.


Good game

Too short !!!
Young gamer 2001

Great demo but it's short you will finish the demo about 2 minutes. I still think downloading the demo is a smart move if want to buy it.


It says I have it installed and I don't! Please fix! I want to try!

Jay J bo$$

Nice resident evil game I like it I get the full game

Not telln'

The demo is too dam short

Is game is so cool



They give you JUST ENOUGH of the game, to make you want more ---- then, they END it. Had to BUY the full version, because purchases of weapons, and collecting ammo was GREAT!! Thank goodness the RE: DEGENERATION app was relatively inexpensive. Resident Evil game & movie fans, will LOVE this!!

Too short ?

Very fun and cool but right when you open the emergency shutters with the crank it said "buy the full version" then puts back to the main menu.please make a free full version and I'll rate it 5 stars!

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