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Resident Evil 4: LITE is free iOS app published by CAPCOM Co., Ltd

Can't download


Whenever I try to download it it just disappears from my menu

I have some suggestions...


The game could be better if we could pick anybody to play as in "The Mercenary" mode instead of always having to play as Leon, in which it would be changed to "The Mercenaries".The characters can be the same as like in the console editions, but should also include characters that can be exclusive to the mobile edition. Characters such as Claire Redfield, Chris Redfield, Ashley Graham, Ingrid Hunnigan, Luis Sera, Policia Officer 1, and Policia Officer 2. It would also be better if we could get the other weapons like in the console versions and could get alternate costumes. There should also be a "Separate Ways" mode where we could play as Ada Wong like in the console versions. There should also be a "3.5" mode where we could experience what Resident Evil 4 was originally going to be like. Overall, this game does keep me busy.



I love resident evil! Im so glad that there is a mobile version! Thank you for the mobile

Great game


I was disappointed by the graphics and the lack of cutscenes but great game.

Get dead space instead!!!!


Ok, maybe I'm playing a different game from everybody else, but this game is BAD. Get dead space instead, best game on iphone/iPad


Jarod doty

This game is absolutely amazing. Thank you capcom so much for publishing this game.



The game is great,the controls are easy to get use to!But the graphics are terrible.I suggest you buy it for PS3 or ps2 were the graphics look normal

Zombies faster than the character


The way they set up the controls make it difficult to enjoy

Don't expect a perfect port


Not the best port I've seen or played. Could have been better executed especially considering games like GTA were ported perfectly.

Crapcom Review


Tried to review Monster Hunter Freedom Unite but it's no longer in the store. The game was 14.99 and released in 2014. The game is no longer available and there is no support. Stay away from Capcom mobile games.