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Games $0.99 Tim Gavin iPhone, iPad, iPod

Keep track of all your collectables so you can see exactly how many you have, and what's needed to complete each collection for maximum profit.

Collector Map
We've created a new Collector Map so you can easily find all collectables and automatically add them to your Collection. No more switching browser tabs and devices!

Find Madam Nazar
Madam Nazar's location is updated daily so you can easily find her on the map.

Maps & Videos
Links to popular community maps and videos; displayed by daily rotation.

Weekly Collection
See the Weekly Collection so you'll always know what you need to complete the set.

Daily Rotation
Shows the current day in the rotation cycle.

Collector Tips
Tips from Rockstar and myself on how to rank up and make some serious money.


please add interactive map

a dollar for a couple of links. thanks i guess. there should bean interactive map right. am i missing it?



just what i needed


Best optimized version available

There are a number of resources available for collecting. Prior to this app, I always used my laptop because none of the existing maps were optimized for mobile very well. I look forward to seeing what features the team adds in the future.

Be the most efficient collector on Red Dead.

Review 2: This app not only includes the handy dandy collector map from the web application, but also other community-made static maps. Giving you the ultimate tool to max out your earnings per hour. If you seem to be lost finding a certain item, there are links to tutorial videos on each item. Weekly collections are now highlighted in a different color. 👌 App support as of now has been top notch from the developer. If you love Red Dead Online, and want to make some SERIOUS in-game money, do not pass up this app. For $0.99 you really can not beat it. I use it every time I collect.

Needs some adjustments

This app badly needs a rout option and the option to remove duplicate collections.


Must add ability ONLY show items needed to finish a collection. Need to add ability to hide menu on iPad version. Don’t waste your money on current version. There’s a free browser based map that is superior to current build.

Mr Hewitt

Since R* new update none of the locations on the map are accurate..are there plans on fixing this or do I need to ask for my money back? When it did work I was enjoying the app but I’ve only had it a week or so

Not Up to Date

The app is not up to date. It’s stuck in cycle 1

It seems like you gave up
bubsy street

This app used to be perfect. But the fact that they haven’t updated it since the moonshiner update makes me significantly more upset that I paid a dollar for it. I’ve already found about three free sources online showing where everything is, accurately. Come on, if you’re gonna charge everyone a dollar then figure out the system and keep it updated like everyone else. That extra star in my (for now) 2 star review is because it tells me where madam nazar is.

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