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Radio Tuner Directory features more than 70,000 professional and user radio stations from around the world. It provides radio stations from various languages and genres. User can select from list of categories and filter radio stations by their needs. Even you can search for your favorite radio stations from large radio station directory.
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Music Free MacyMind iPhone, iPad, iPod

With the Radio Tuner FREE app you can now take all of your favorite Radio stations with you anywhere!

********** Features **********
● Access to over 50,000 radio stations on your iPhone/iPod touch/iPad
● Multitasking! Supports background audio playback so you can listen while doing other things on your iPhone/iPod touch/iPad
● Search the extensive radio directory right on your iPhone/iPod touch/iPad
● Radio resumes after a call and stops after headphones are unplugged
● iPod controls to start/stop player
● Now Playing Song info with Animation
● Easy Browse through stations
● YouTube search for current song
● Timer - Radio will stop after set time
● Skip to Prev/Next Radio Station
● Search for a Radio Station
● Stations descriptions with Bitrate
● Stations updated over the air
● Largest collection of stations in many languages
● Add & Delete to Favorites
● Share your favorite Station via whatsapp, facebook, twitter, email, sms
● You can record any of the radio stations that you are listening to and play them back later
● You can also add your own station with playing url and enjoy listening to it
● Radio Tuner will save your played station and save it in history. So you can enjoy your last played station without remembering to station name
● Support lock screen audio control
● Great stereo sound quality
● Simple and practical user interface
● Available on Apple Watch

If you need any features or have any ideas to improve App, send an email to us from "More" tab - "Contact Us".


Get rid of the intrusive ad

Since this update, the intrusive ad displays as the first page whenever you launch it. It’s so offensive that I quit using it. It’s not worth my time to click that tiny close box to close the window before you can play it. And that bouncing to the left side of the window is annoying as if the users don’t know how to swipe left to get to the settings. Just quit those annoying things that drive the users away. No thank you.

Love it!

I love the variety of OLD RADIO SHOWS. Listen to them everyday!

Nature Detective

It is not that good because it lies in the name it says it’s an FM tuner it’ not an FM tuner you cannot listen to FM stations or AM this app is not that good it has no name stations stickers and never even heard of that’s why I don’t like this app

Waste of time

None of the San Francisco Bay Area stations I would want to listen to are in their inventory. The blurb I heard from one of the backers of this product made it sound like all local radio would be available, when in fact there's very little. Deleted after about 10 minutes.

Needs Some Work

The app is ok, however I haven't been able to get any station to play that I've added. So if you're wanting to listen to something local, well good luck, just depends on where you live. Any time I add a favorite station I get a network error message. Ugh.

Turned Good Again????

"I think I'll have to delete this damned bugger" That's what I wrote over a week ago when all stopped working, must have been a glitch cause everything fine now. Nice UI on the upgrade. Glad that I caught that it was working again before deleting it - and as I had intended for awhile I just pitched in for the Ad-free version.


Can't get the added stations I want to play. Useless

Tocean Mccoy

Has all the electronic stations I love and everything in between. The person who can't add stations sounds like a pleb.

Excellent art bell
Please time

5 star


Absolutely horrible. Spent more time clearing out pop up adds for games and unrelated junk than listening to any radio. When I finally got to the stations, everyone I tried to listen to was Spanish. Had this app all of about 30 mins.

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