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It's Just a Clock!

QuartzClock is a small, elegant, iPhone/iPod touch utility that emulates LCD and LED quartz clocks. It is an ideal bedside clock - the user can lock the orientation to allow landscape mode in a dock to use the largest digits possible. Easy nightime reading for those who normally wear glasses.

The clock displays are also multi-lingual, with localised days of the week and date formats.

QuartzClock also has a simple alarm facility.

The graphics are always rendered at the highest possible resolution and take advantage of the retina displays when they are used. A simple interaction of finger swipes lets the user choose from millions of color schemes. Built for iOS 4.3 or newer, QuartzClock uses multi-tasking, allowing for instant relaunches, and letting background processes like music to run smoothly.

Best of all QuartzClock is entirely Free! Enjoy!


Exactly as advertised
The Flying Fish

Great app! No pop-ups, no in-app purchases. Wanted a big clock - got a big clock. Would give 6 stars. Most apps annoy by asking for money - I wish this app would take some money, because they deserve it (and they don’t hold back functionality for it). Thanks Sutherlands!


Great app. I just got rid of my alarm clock to clean up my night stand and eliminate some cords. I do however wish I could turn the brightness down. Even with my iPhone 8+ turned all the way down, the clock display is still pretty bright. We LOVE a pitch dark room at night. Thanks!

The Alarm is Terrible

Zero thought was put into the alarm. It lasts about 15 seconds and then shuts off on its own. You thought that would be a good idea for waking someone up, huh? Yeah, really smart design... An alarm that automatically snoozes and then shuts off for good... Moving on, there are only 4 alarm sound samples to choose from... They are bizarre choices of sounds... They are terrible lo-fi quality... Anyone could have spent spent an hour in audacity and done a better job than these people. They didn't even bother to attempt to loop them correctly. The people who created this are insane.


My other Clock app started showing sideways lol -- for some strange reason. This is a nice basic Clock it's a big display and has all that I need. Love the yellow


Nice and simple, and the clock being large is perfect for night time without having my glasses on. Love the color slide option too! Its exactly what I was looking for! :)

Military time?

Was loving this app but the other day it flipped to a 24 hour clock. There is no setting to change it and my iPad is set to 12 hours.

Best Big Digital Clock

This is the bets, clearest, most flexible digital clock out there. And all for free!

Simply perfect

I don't get radio reception in my home, and I hate little clocks that beep. Why not put the iPhone to use with the face of an LED/LCD clock while it charges at night on the nightstand?! AND HAS A NON-IRRITATING ALARM?!! Well that's just what this app does. Open the app, plug in your phone, voila!!

Great app!

I use this app when traveling with my kids. No matter where we are sleeping, this app allows me to sleep until 7:30am, which is the earliest my little guy is allowed to get out of bed. The clock is easy to read from anywhere in the room. You can display the time with a colored background so that it can double as a nightlight, or if you don't need additional light you can have a black background. This is a great user-friendly and practical app. Thanks!

Nice app!
Gary Krash

I have some friends who are somewhat visually impaired and this app helps a lot. The only thing I would request is that the app icon would display the actual time, not "12:53". Just a minor quibble.

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