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2/5 rating based on 19 reviews. Read all reviews for Q Scan for Netflix for iPhone.
Q Scan for Netflix is paid iOS app published by Catapult Labs, LLC

Does not work


Doesn't connect to Netflix. Rebooted and tried a number of times. Bad software, avoid.

Does not work!


Will not log in to Netflix. Useless.



How do I go about getting my refund ? This app doesn't work , doesn't let me log in and I want my refund back !!!!!!!! And there's no1 way to email the seller. None of the info. On safari comes up.

Does not work


Description was very promising but it did not work. I hope it is a glitch but for a paid app not to work at all satisfactory would be an accurate description.

paid app doesn't work


Clicking any link to attempt to connect to my netflix account does nothing... This was after creating two accounts with their app because you couldn't log in after the first attempt. They are letting us pay them to collect our email addresses ... Refund please!

Save Your Money


This app is completely broken. Don't spend any money on it. Can't connect to Facebook, won't connect to Netflix, just a downright broken app.



Same problem as other users. Can't even sign in to get started.

Doesn't work


Save money, don't bother. No support either ("working on new version..."), summary is S.O.L. (... Out of luck)

The App does not work


I paid for this App and it never worked as promised. It this a scam?