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Download Puppet Ice Hockey: Championship of the big head nofeet Marionette slapshot stars

Puppet Ice Hockey: Championship of the big head nofeet Marionette slapshot stars

Sharpen your skates, put on your jersey and grab your hockey stick. Puppet Ice Hockey presents new era of hockey fun. This is not some pond hockey this is world class tournamet. Prepare to train overtime, practice slapshots, nofeet body checks, cross checks, aim to top shelf and keep scoring!
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Games Free Jiri Bukovjan iPhone, iPad, iPod

Focus on the fun on the rink:
- Funny cartoon caricatures
- All the famous ice hockey sock puppets and teams from 2014/2015
- Silky smooth gameplay available for every device
- Big head fun 2-player mode in splitscreen multiplayer

Faceoff, crossed sticks, body check, cross check it is all there. Watch out for holding and roughing, your nofeet puppets might look loony, but they can be dangerous.

Get ready for every match. Are you offensive slapshot type? Can you shoot hattrick in top shelf like Jagr?

If you are defensive goalie guy watching your top shelf, you will find your place on the rink. Keep forechecking and roughing and save like Hasek.

All the best 2014/2015 nofeet players ready to fight for their countries overtime.
Russia, Finland, Sweden, Czech Republic,
Canada, United States, Belarus, France,
Slovakia, Switzerland, Latvia, Norway,
Denmark, Germany, Italy, Kazakhstan

Change your controls to suit your style to give your marioneta players the best chance of victory. Practice forechecking, holding, roughing, crosschecking overtime to make yourself a marionette master on the rink. Play nofoot striker, goalkeeper, defense and wing all at the same time…

Hand puppet tournamet features:
- 16 top sock puppet teams
- More than 60 cartoon hand puppets of famous players
- Score high for bonus coins! Share your victory and challenge friends!
- Trade coins for upgrades and new players
- Splitscreen multiplayer for two players on a single device
- Win the tournament of 2014 with achievements and highscores and expect 2015 update
- Big head nofeet marionettes from NOXGAMES 2014
- Upgrade your marionettes – improve skating speed, slapshot power, jump of goalies to catch the puck

Ballanced difficulty suits to all players, but this tournament is the best for casual puppeteers, it is easy to hit top shelf with any slapshot. Nofoot puppets skate easily.

Don’t forget to try amazing splitscreen multiplayer

Created by NOXGAMES 2014/2015



Awesome game

Awesome game nice job guys amazing work

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Rula Iacovolo

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J to the R.O.C.

Was great until you get in a match and the move buttons don’t work or the shoot button. Don’t spend any money on a game where the controls don’t work. Would be fun but I’ll stick to other games that actually work so I don’t lose tournament games because I can’t move my character. Would be better if it worked.

I love this game
i hate buddy

I rated this game 5 stars because I love hockey til I’m 1,000,000,000 yrs old and I love this game because it is hilarious and even though it is 2019 does not mean you have to play a 2015 game!

Love it

It is fun and there is no lag

Get game

Get the game it is great ?? get it

Super cool game
curly shrub123

I love this game it’s so fun

Hockey, you bet!

Great game to play, when playing time moves quite quickly! Fun game to get!

Great Game

I am a big hockey fan until the day I die, this is by far one of the best hockey games I've ever played, very addicting!!!



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