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PROCAM for 3DR Series

Learn and get connected to the 3DR Solo and Iris+ advanced series of drones.
Category Price Seller Device
Utilities $14.99 Flatiron Mobile Inc. iPhone, iPad, iPod

Capture Aerial Photos/Video with a GoPro
Linear Tracking with Cablecam Mode
Follow Me: Tracks Your Mobile Device
HDMI Output on Transmitter
Video Game-Style Controls
Return Home and "Safety Net" Modes
One-Button Flying / "Pause" Button
Operate GoPro Through App
Solo 3-Axis Gimbal


Waste of time and money

This app is just a copy of media and PDF files from the 3DR website. Go to the website for free!

Complete rip off paying for free videos
Early morning user

This is like buying an instruction manual that you can get for free. They miss lead you saying all the features the drone has already. It gives you the impression the features are available with use thru the app. No those are all the features they are going to explain to you that the drone can do. This app makes Apple look bad especially when they hide the one review it does have.