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PRO Wrestling : Super Fight 3D

Its the hell war in the rings and the face to face fight in wrestling box. Welcome to Pro Wrestling. It is time for fight and wrestlers power in the rings. Get ready for extreme tag team wrestling combination of two players which will be switched with one player got tired, each individual has their own special power skill which may smash the hulky rivals to the ring floor.
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Games Free S Tanveer Hussain iPhone, iPad, iPod

Use your hand and simulate your favorite PRO wrestlers of the world having epic and brutal action packed powers.

The ultimate ring fighting game of 2019 “PRO Wrestling” the simple use of the game will engage you more and more, play levels and earn coins, your rival power and strength will be upgraded so you have also to push up your hero powers.

Smoothness and gameplay are the things every gamer want in a good game and here that’s all!

1. Ring wrestling like real
2. Smooth gameplay
3. HD graphics
4. High Polly 3D models
5. Real look animations
6. Realistic physics
7. Cut scenes
8. Shows special powers
9. Ultimate Combat counter Attacks
10. Punch, Upper Kick, Lower Kick, Stars Shows

Everything is in it, download the best wrestlers game of 2019!

Play, Enjoy and don't forget to give feedback!



For some reason it’s become A tag team game... and you can’t tag. Lame gameplay. only punch/kick and infrequent actual wrestling moves. You have to buy your way thru the game. Terrible 2.5 d graphics. Save your money this one stinks.

Imma goat

Add More stuff

Not as it seems

Okay so when you look up the game and find it on the app store, you see it as this awesome wrestling game with amazing graphics and super cool moves. I played it for the first time and the graphics were NOTHING like they looked on the app store. I still have the app and hope that hopefully, the graphics will be fixed


This game is so much fun it keeps me bise forever

The game
go john cena

I think it would be nice if John cena was in the game to choose like 2k15 and for it to be fair

Make it online please

Make it online I will be the great youtuber for it make its multiplayer gameplay please😢😢😢

To much ads
this game use to be fun..

Game not ready to much ads and only tag team over not bad I only said the bad stuff

Worst game I ever played

Very bad game worst I ever played

What even is this?
baldo's basics

Why is this game on the top charts it’s such poorly made and doesn’t even have any ratings, why is it the #2 free game as of writing?

مغربي بغا يساعدك

Hahaha khouya houssain anet3awn m3ak hh fi rating

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