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Get into the grandparents house in pretend town & explore the multiple rooms in the hotel pretend house. Come and get all your dreams come true with a highly interactive pretend play grandparents home in the town. Let’s start playing in every room and have fun decorations. Get yourself busy for hours of adventure in the pretend town family home. Touch and interact with different items of any place and set according to your wish in this pretend play game.
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Games Free Farrukh Ahmad iPhone, iPad, iPod

You can relax in the living room and play around with stuff and mummy not even scold you for it! You can watch television or play with your toys in the pretend town games and have all the fun you want. This pretend play house is the perfect place for your toddler to relax and explore freely. You can touch and interact with anything you want and have fun. Enjoy the hours of imaginations and creativity while creating your own house story in the pretend my grandparents home.


Play in multiple rooms of the house with your family and friends!
Open ended play and fun pretend play neighborhood game
Different rooms and fun play time toddler experience awaits you!
Create a self-defined story in pretend city grandparents house
A world full of creative fun learning & totally interactive activities.


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