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Preschool Funbox: My First Certificate

• We're calling on all children 3-6 years old!
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Games $1.99 Friml Jan iPad

• Spin the wheel, play games, earn rewards and your first Certificate with own photo!
• FOR KIDS: 10 game types, 3 difficulty levels - 600 STAGES IN TOTAL!
• FOR PARENTS: clean statistics and the ability to influence what games kids play!

After the huge success of two "Preschool Funbox" predecessors, now comes the Grand Finale. The fun-to-play-with spinning wheel application lets children play randomly selected educational games and collects highly valuable data about their game playing process.

Parents can review all the statistics and more, including influence what types of games appear on a spinning wheel by simple switching on/off particular games or difficulty levels. Has your child mastered a certain level? If so, change it and encourage your child to master the next challenging level...

APP FEATURES 10 Educational game types:

• MEMORY GAME: improving visual memory
• PUZZLE: assemble complex pictures
• COUNTING: from one dot to first ten numbers
• FIND THE DIFFERENCE: seek a different element in a row
• SOUND CARDS: practising hearing skills
• TRACING: graphomotor skills exercises
• SHAPES: comparing shapes, from simple to complex
• LOGIC: which object match the others in a row
• MATRIX ORIENTATION: duplicate patterns by connecting dots
• MAZES: can a mouse find a way to cheese? :)


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