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Potato baron - idle tycoon

This is a real life simulator agronomist.
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Games Free Aliaksandr Prakarym iPhone, iPad, iPod

A fascinating economic strategy clicker! Build your successful business in the village.
First you are a poor farmer. The goal is the future, where you are a tycoon, millionaire and businessman.
And between these stages a whole life. Show yourself as a digger, dig a potato, sell it on the market and get money. To dig a potato bush you just need to click or tap on the screen. Dig as if there is oil under the ground and you want to be like an oil tycoon!
You start in your village. After all, your village is your homeland. In this area you have a farm where you grow your first crop. To trade on the exchange, you will need an economy to know what price you are comfortable with. In the future, you will be the only millionaire in the village and you will have the opportunity to colonize Mars, grab land from politicians and melt the snow in Siberia. After all, dragons will help you in this! Also, do not forget to get a real tractor for cultivating the land in the beginning! You will have a huge empire!
Let's get started! Download the game and go from farmer to millionaire.
Become a real potato Baron! Build your empire!
And then I'll call you the Potato Baron!


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