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From the developers at Infinite Monkey Gaming comes a brand new style of match game where quick thinking and fast fingers can turn a match 3 into a match 4, 5, 6, or even 7! Keep making matches in the bonus round to earn 10x score bonuses and see how the fun never stops! Earn coins to spend on extra power-ups in a fantastic in-game store to help you to become king of the match!
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Games Free Infinite Monkey iPhone, iPad, iPod

- Innovative Match Logic
Why stop with that weak match 3 when there’s another matching piece just one space away? Move quick enough and you can add to matches to trigger explosive chain reactions!

-Flick Functionality
Tired of clunky tap-tap style games? This new system allows you to create matches with a flick of a finger. Are you fast enough to keep up?

- Gameplay Bonuses
Spin slots for your chance at extra bombs, power-ups, and even jackpots or wait for the game to supply you with bonus pieces. Will luck be your queen?

- Lightning-fast Bonus Rounds
Complete the level with the right bonuses and launch into a 10x-score bonus round where you can really earn your keep! Continue matching while the game tests your luck and boost your high score to share with your friends and show them who’s really the King!

- Beautiful Graphic Interface
Put that hi-def screen to use with this amazing-looking game. Princely colors and animations spice up the experience and will have others around you green with envy!

- Easy-to-use In-game Store System
Earn coins during gameplay to purchase bomb packs and other great Poppin Pieces to add to your arsenal and clear the levels like a champion!

There is so much to do and see in this new game. You’ll never look at match games the same again. Come see for yourself!


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