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Entertainment Free ISTITUTI EDMONDO DE AMICIS SRL iPhone, iPad, iPod

With Poll! you can create polls in less than 20 seconds to share instantly with your friends on all platforms like WhatsApp, Telegram, iMessage, Messenger, Facebook and many others.

By clicking on the link, your friends can choose whether to reply using any browser, or directly in the app after downloading it.

Stay up to date on the status of the survey: every time someone answers Poll! will notify you with a notification.


Dawn Duncan Harrell

It’s literally impossible to make any poll


Useable, gets the job done. Great layout.

Frozen flames Gachas review

It’s good and all but I just can’t figure out how to make quizzes all I can do is make questions and people vote for them but I do recommend this app. It’s fun and I bet your friends with have fun too.

Ads impossible to close

I’d give it more stars but some of the pop up ads have no close option making it impossible to view your poll results. I’ve open and closed it multiple times hoping for a new ad that I can actually close - very frustrating!

App is not user friendly! Unable to edit my polling question!

This app is not user-friendly. It does not allow me to edit or correct mistake in the polling question.

One star also more for this app
Pola raghu

Activation link not came and we can not creat poll, not enough info related how to do poll in WhatsApp or other social networks


How can u see other peoples polls

Why I gave this a 2 out of 5

To Many Commercials

Could not even register

Tried to register, but the keyboard was blocking the view of the info needed to input to register and it froze. I couldn’t register. Had to delete and move on.

Too many ads

Give me an option to remove ads. UI is a bit clunky. I try to click the 3 dots to share my poll and the poll results come up. Otherwise decent app

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