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Poke a Mango is quite possibly the greatest and most realistic mango poking simulator that currently exists. Don’t get thrown out of your local supermarket or get side-eyed by your neighborhood grocer, poke mangoes on your phone instead! Just be careful not to poke other stuff, like boots or calculators. How many mangoes can you poke?
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Simply Wonderful
Scvnsdgnadv adv

I love this game! It helps me focus when i have no sense of it whatsoever! Im a weird kid......ANYWAY this game gets five stars from me because it is fun and i had nothing better to do with mah time. THE WORLD NEED MANGO EMOJI

Minor suggestion

Make it so you can change what you poke



I hate

This game

Epic win!
Harry myers

This game helped me laugh with my friends. I have no friends. I just laughed alone in my room and poked a mango like some crazy person.

Developers! Please see!

Hey! I am hoping Thomas Young sees this! Please make a 1.99 ad removal option!! The ads are annoying! Other than that, great game! -Colin

Great game

Addicting, great character development, great story, high quality fruit.

Better than pokemon go

review subject says it all

A m a z i n g

Better than Pokemon Go tbh

Greatest app ever

I have always wanted to poke a mango but they just weren't available to me. Now I can poke as many mangos as I want. The graphics are amazing but I would like to see other shaped mangos it is fairly subjective only showing off one type of mango.

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