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Dead simple to learn, impossible to master and oozing with awesomeness that only This Is Keith Dot Com can provide! The idea is really easy. Poke whatever you can, just don't miss! Easy to pick up and play for a couple of minutes or sit down and play for an hour! Lots of 'one more time' game play!
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Games Free Steve Ehrenberg iPhone, iPad, iPod

To really master Poke A Keith, your reflexes, as well as your mind, will be put to the test! Strategy plays a large part if you want to keep that streak going or that 50x multiplier.

The depth of the scoring will always keep you challenged and opens up a whole new game! Compete with your friends in each score ranking and share your scores via email or even on Facebook!

Poke A Keith is the first of a potential series of games brought to you by This Is Keith Dot Com.


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