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Productivity $4.99 Vladimir Tuporshin iPhone, iPad, iPod

Pocket Lists is a beautifully designed universal app for managing checklists and to-do lists, focusing on important tasks, and collaborating on checklists with your friends. The app excels as both an everyday to-do list organizer with sophisticated reminder functionality, and as a checklist app for groceries, travel packing, Christmas lists, and more.

You’ll love Pocket Lists for being powerful yet surprisingly easy to use. The app’s feature set makes it a superb replacement for most checklist apps, including the stock Reminders app:

• Color-coded checklists with a variety of beautiful icons for all sorts of things. 220+ icons included!

• Touch ID support: lock individual checklists with your Touch ID and be confident that no one but you can access your to-do items. Securing your secret checklists has never been easier!

• To-do Stream: a dynamic to-do list (filter) that collects to-dos among all your checklists, and displays them in the priority & due order, allowing you to focus on what’s important right now.

• Apple Watch app: manage your To-Do Stream on your Apple Watch, stay up to date on what's UP NEXT on your To-Do Stream at a glance, receive notifications on upcoming to-dos.

• All types of to-do notifications: due date, due time, repeating, and location-based — drop pin anywhere on a map, select either “arrive to” or “leave from”, and even define a location radius.

• Set due reminders by typing naturally: “Meeting tomorrow morning”, “Car service saturday 7pm”, “Prepare christmas gift list on dec 20 every year”, “Cinema friday night” and so on. The app automatically understands due date from your input, and sets a reminder. Understands all 13 languages the app is localized into! Approved by native speakers.

• Pocket Lists Cloud: collaborate on your checklists with other users of the Pocket Lists app, access your checklists via web browser on the app website: http://www.pocketlistsapp.com/cloud/
Pocket Lists Cloud works seamlessly, and is free to use. It is a great way to sync app data between your iOS devices, and to have an always-up-to-date backup of all data.

• OCR: Built-in Optical Character Recognition mechanism allows you to create checklists from real photos taken on your iPhone or iPad. Awesome for creating checklists based on what you find in print media, e.g. cookbook recipes. Supported languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian.

• Sync with third-party apps and services: Reminders app, Calendar app, Google Tasks, Toodledo.com.

• And a lot more:

— Priorities, notes for to-do items
— To-do item search
— To-do hierarchy: swipe to-dos left or right to define hierarchy within a checklist
— Passcode-locked checklists
— Due and repeating (recurring) options for both to-dos and entire checklists
— Quick inline to-do add
— Archiving feature for hiding certain checklists
— Copy & Paste add of multiple to-dos at a time
— Quickly clean up any checklist by shaking your iPhone
— Send checklists via email
— Duplicate checklists
— Sleek app interface feels native to every iOS user
— “Multiplayer” mode for collaborating on your checklists via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth when no Internet connection is available. An exciting way to go shopping with your spouse, or to pack luggage together (supported by the iPhone version only; based on iOS Gamekit engine)!
— On-demand backup & restore via iTunes file sharing
— Twitter and Facebook integrations
— Localized in 13 languages: English, Deutsch, 日本語, Italiano, Nederlands, Español, Français, Русский, Português, Dansk, 简体中文, 繁體中文, 한국어


Syncing lost all my reminders

I am not sure what I'm going to do. The one thing is delete this app right now. I wish I could get a refund.

Deleted most of my reminders!  SYNC NOT SAFE!

DO NOT USE THIS APP IF YOU VALUE YOUR EXISTING REMINDERS! WHAT A WASTE OF $5!! When I turned on syncing with the Reminder app, updated a few reminders, and turned on syncing with the pocket list cloud, it started to hang and then crash. Then I started seeing a ton of reminders disappearing from my Reminder app! I freaked out as I have a ton of very valuable reminders that would be impossible to recreate from scratch. Thank goodness I was able to restore them from iCloud.

Exactly what I wanted

Like a lot of the other reviews have mentioned, I've tried many different To-Do List apps, but I had never found one that did everything I would like it to do until I found this one! So far, I have zero complaints and haven't experienced any glitches or found any features I dislike. My favorite things about this app is that it's extremely easy to use, it has the option to sync your calendar, reminders, as well as other apps, and you can sync your lists with other people if you want.

Ok but not

Great app. Loved it until I put the app on the iPad as well. Syncing....that's where this app really ranks. Doubles and triples the list count as well as duplicate at random tasks inside lists. If you plan on using on multiple devices DONT use this app. Stand alone is great.

Warning about future incompatibility from Apple

I have an IPhone 6s Plus with IOS 10.3. Occasionally when starting the app I get a warning message from Apple that this app needs to be updated by the developer to be compatible. If not updated, it will no longer work on a future IOS release. I really like this app. Very easy to use. I like how I can reuse a list. I've built up a grocery shopping list that I just reuse each week. I uncheck the items to buy before I leave the house, then check them off as I put them in my cart. A great time saver and very efficient.

I depend on this app
Dog girl 50

I love this app. Simple and easy to use. I have been using this app for years for everything from grocery list to tracking online package deliveries. I rely on this app and use it constantly. I would highly recommend it for anyone who just needs a simple, non-complicated way to make and use lists. To the developers PLEASE continue to update this app so that it will continue to work with Apple's future iOS. Thank you.

Love love love but...

I truly love this app! It keeps all my clients organized and when to follow up with them. Keep my future clients in order on the dates they give me to follow up with them but it does need an update. I keep getting the "message the developer" pop up every time I open the app. Fix please ?

Effectively dead

After the update I now get a splash screen to download Pocket Lists 2. So much for "this updates minor issues."

Hate it. Finding a new one



I bought and downloaded this on my iPad mini. I loved how it worked and spent several hours setting up my lists. All of the sudden all of my lists were duplicated, even one that I had password protected. The next time I logged in, some of my lists had disappeared. Chalk up the cost to education. I am now trying Wunderlist instead

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