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Pocket Ages is a captivating town building and trading game that spans multiple eras! Gather resources, craft tradeable goods, and research new technologies to unlock more advanced products.
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In keeping with the adage “from humble beginnings come great things,” Pocket Ages unfolds as your prehistoric villagers discover fire, sparking the dawning of a civilization you manage over time.

• Shepherd your civilization through four epic eras: Prehistoric, Ancient, Classical, and Medieval
• Construct more sophisticated buildings as your technology advances
• Guide your villagers and see them change from primitive wanderers to civilized citizens
• Dozens of interesting items to gather, craft, and trade

Forge your own path today!

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I really enjoyed playing this game on my iPad, it's too small to play it on iPhone 5 >.< I have always liked playing farming games. If you like farming games, this one is really interesting one! I like the idea where it progresses from one era to another. Feel motivated to keep playing and see the how things change the next era!


Overall its a great game, but when i reached classical era, it crashes on the loading screen when i try to open it, please fix the bug! also for those complaining about you can't complete a quest, try tapping on the blue bag on the quest when you finish it.


I completed the first task but it won't move on to the next task.

Can't open game

I love this game and I have gotten quite far in it over the past few days. Now every time I try to open the game, it doesn't load and keeps closing out. I have updated my iPad, checked for game updates, restarted the iPad three times. It won't open. Please help! I am in the last age of the game.

Great, but.....

This game is great and I love it but it would be nice if you could sell what ever you want not just wants in the trade market that people wanna purchase. Other than that the app is great.

Nelson lewis

Very fun , very addictive , but can you fix the money glitch had over 7000 and logged back on and had 870

Love it...but

So difficult to get find more wood. Any tips to find more? Need it to make tools. Can't get to other areas either to chop down trees. Please fix this on the next update. Otherwise very cute game.

Crash and burn

This is a very fun game however it has been crashing before it ever even opens for the last two days. Please fix the bugs

Love this game

Love this building game. I have not encountered any bugs. It lets you advance with resources at a faster pace than other building games. Cute graphics. Love the goats!


It was Okay.... Until I ran out of Woods. Than I couldnt do a thing. managed to tech out but cant even get anything else going. will be uninstalling this game. but was fun for first day or two. Had it for about a week.