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Pixel Camera - pixelate everything!

*** Enjoy taking AMAZING pixel photos!***
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Don't you post a unique photos to your blogs or SNS?

You can easily take a pixelated-style photo in just a few taps!

Only you have to do is selecting a filter and take a shoot.

If you take a photo of your ordinary familiar scenery, it becomes the stunning pixel image.

The app also include other unique filters such as cartoon, Sketch, Dots, Emboss etc.

Of course, you can share photos on Facebook, Twitter or other SNS. And also you can send photos to your friends by email.

How to use:
Step1. Select a filter
Step2. Take a shot
Step3. Save or share!

-> Easy-to-use single tap effects
-> Professionally designed camera filters
-> 8 amazing effects/filters: Pixellate, Sketch, Cartoon, Dots, Halftone, Crosshatch, Swirl and Emboss
-> Share photos to Twitter, Facebook or other SNS
-> Save photos to Photo Library
-> Print photos


I don't feel so good...
Spider-Man (Infinity War)

I don't want to go...

More ads than app

The Ads are rediculously excessive. Offer a way to pay for no ads and I’ll buy it, but without that, it’s trash. Otherwise it seems to work well in the few seconds you get to use it.


Add after add this app is the worst to have never get it is is awful if I could rate this in the negatives it would be -100

Nice idea terrible outcome

Ads ads ads thats all this ap is about dont waste your time!

Has Potential

The filters are very cool. The big downside is that you can only take photos. There is no option for using a photo that already exists, which is awful.

Plz add
keching carp

Wish I could us photos

Can't Handle the Ads

First off the good - I REALLY like the filters for taking pictures! The annoying - I get that free apps still need revenue. But these ads take over the entire app, making it nearly useless. Less ads, more use, imo. The bad - why can't we import our pictures to then have the filters applied? Not able to use pre-existing images, only to take the pictures immediately. Fix the two issues, and it'd be a 5 star app review from me!


Fun app but no way to remove intrusive constant ads - you cant even pay for them to go away which destroys the app!!! Ahhhhh