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The newest PipeLand game!
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Games $1.99 Tamas Mile iPhone, iPad, iPod

Supports all devices up to iPhone 6 Plus.

After the challenges of real-time pipe-laying in the world of PipeLand keeping all drops of liquids from spilling, now You can try Yourself in a new game mode by solving pipe puzzles.

It is Your task to connect the ends of a shuffled pipe system by rotating the pipe elements and mixing different liquids together when necessary. You don't have to worry about time or leaks as You work to rotate and connect the ends of the pipeline because the flow stops in the last pipe.

Key Features:
• Innovative gameplay: Power-ups, Liquid mixers, Flow splitting and merging, Extra rewards for perfect solutions!
• Highly detailed graphics and animated environment!
• 5 completely different environments: Field, Desert, Arctic, Urban, and Research Center
• 54 challenging puzzle levels
• Bonus levels for Christmas!
• Many achievements and leaderboards

*** Reviews ***

"Overall, PipeLand Roll is a relaxing puzzler that’s both challenging and fun. It is enjoyable content for those who love this genre. Whether gamers need a new pipe puzzler or just want a game they can play during commercial breaks, PipeLand Roll is worth considering adding to the collection." - 148Apps - Peaceful Plumbing


Fabulous game, frustratingly FUN!

First off I play this on my iPad Pro and have NO delays or issues with the app. As I stated this game is frustratingly fun! There is no “oops or back up button” so if u screw up.....u start over. I find this challenging and enjoy it when I get the waterworks flowing correctly. Some are easy....some require days of replay because I get one pipe wrong....one lousy pipe...and flow stops. Argh! Well, I highly recommend and applaud the creators. Haven’t played on my iPhone 7 Plus yet but will. I prefer my iPad for games, my phone is well....my phone. Get this game you won’t be disappointed. I did get the paid version, maybe that is why I have great satisfaction from it. It is truly satisfying when you solve that one pipe issue that has stumped you for days.


Love this puzzle app! Its hard enough to be a challenge without getting frustrated. Great graphics too.

Pipeland roll is an excellent game

It is an excellent game to play I play it all the time

Great game!

I love this game! Very well done. My only complaint is I need more levels!!

Graphics are great



Love it! It's very challenging and is quite fun! The reason I only put 4 stars is because it doesn't have any hints. I might get the next version too, if it has hints.

Great game!!!
Fan #1

This game is very challenging and fun but I need more levels.


I love this game!!!


I LOVE THIS APP. It is so much better than the other PipeRolls because it is 3D! It looks so cool! So much fun. I would definitly reccommend this to anybody, even if they didnt like the original. but hey, thats just my opinion. ;)

Good game

Only reason it didn't get five stars is because you can perfect the level and still not get three stars on it. It is a good game. I'm enjoying it I do not regret spending the money.

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