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Your tool for perfect leveling of a pinball machine.
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Productivity Free Nadine Weishaeupl iPhone, iPad, iPod

1. Just calibrate your iPhone the first time on a perfect 0° ground as zero
2. Put your phone on the playfield of your pinball machine and watch the 4 green markers. These represent the legs of your pinball.
3. The marker should be inside the blue line. If the marker is outside the leg must be screwed in.
4. If all is perfectly aligned, all markers will be on the blue line. The moving red crosshair overlaps the green one in the middle.
5. After inserting the glass, put your iPhone on it and switch the app to glass.
6. Now you can calibrate the app on the glass pane.

If you want to check later to see if your pinball is still properly aligned, simply put your iPhone on the glass.


Great App

Use all the time to level machines. Please switch back to the woman voice and remove the computer type voice.

Very useful

Very useful app that I used to level my Stargate. Simple and accurate.

Works great!

Just leveled my first machine with it and it plays perfect now! Great app!

Nice App!
Bradley Snetherton

Used it to level my Star Wars machine today. Plays better than ever. Can’t wait to use it on my other games.

Love it but...

When I try to access collection with 3 games added, the app crashes. Filename problems? Not intuitive how to save profiles to collections. You need a button to restore collections WITHOUT accessing the collection menu.

It really works!

I just leveled my RFM in my basement, which is uneven in both directions and the pitch varies depending where you are down there. Used the voice prompts and did it from under the pin. Sure, I can do it with a level, but not from underneath! Just great. Thanks!

Great App

Simple but great app.


very accurate and easy to use.


This is a great tool for any pinhead

Vital for my pin collection

Great update and a vital app for my pinball collection!! Please keep the updates coming!!!

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