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It's Ping Pong Extreme! The latest twist on the beloved classic game Pong!
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Ping Pong Extreme brings back the game everyone knows, but with a bunch of fun features:
• Classic Mode: For those who want to stick to basic Pong.

• Multiball Mode: Playing with one ball can get a little boring sometimes. Now you can play with up to nine!

• Survival Mode: Play against a wall and see how long you can last! The longer you survive, the more balls you get. Submit your high score online and compete against everyone else in the world!

• Mirror Mode: Really bored? Play against yourself! It is harder than it sounds!

• Multiplayer Support: Play with a friend on the same device, or across multiple devices using Bluetooth!

• FULL Retina Display Support: Ping Pong Extreme will look great on all iPhones and iPod Touches!

• FULL Game Center Support: Earn achievements and compete on Game Center's Leaderboards!

• Customizable Computer Difficulty: Anything from the most timid computer, to the near impossible.


Love it!

Great pong game! So simple yet always so fun. I don't mind waiting where ever I am at anymore. Just click and play! 


I'm surprised more people don't have this amazing app!

★Anthony K★

????? Needs to be fullscreen for iPhone 5s ?????

Cruddy controls, the screen keeps flipping
Mr. Corvette

So, lets start with the basiscs, the controls to move your paddle are sluggish at best. The main menu for some unexplicable reason thinks it needs to flip over. Final verdict: skip this game

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