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Finance Free PHYRE JSC AD iPhone, iPad, iPod

phyre connects all your payment and loyalty cards, gives you instant money transfers with no fees, enables you to pay securely online and offline and to track all your transactions in real time.

With phyre you can:

Link all your loyalty cards and use them on your phone

You can store any client card on phyre, It doesn't matter if it is a well known international brand or a local shop. If you can't find a template of your card, don't worry! Just take a photo and you will have it in the app. Scan it, digitize it and never carry it in your pocket again.

Get the only card you need to carry

Order your phyre Mastercard and leave the rest of your cards at home. You can top it up instantly with any of your payment cards, withdraw cash or use it to pay on any POS terminal in the World. Control it from your phone, follow your transactions in real time and get instant payment notifications for free. Spend less time worrying about your payment cards and more time enjoying the things important to you.

Shop securely online

Get a FREE virtual phyre Mastercard and use it for secure online payments.
Control it from your phone - freeze and unfreeze it whenever you want to.
Protect yourself from forgotten automated payments and subscriptions.

Send and receive money instantly and with no fees

All money transfers between phyre users are absolutely free and instant. Splitting bills or even sending money abroad is as easy as sending a text message.

Top up your phyre account with any of your bank cards or load funds via bank transfer.
No matter the issuing bank or the type: Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard, Maestro - we support all of them. You can top up with as many cards as you want.

We are serious about security!
Payments in phyre are processed by Paynetics, an EU licensed e-money institution that is a principal member of VISA and Mastercard. We have a bank-grade security system and our application has been certificated by Mastercard.


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