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PhotoSync Pro is paid iOS app published by BerliTec GmbH




Bad buy


Useless. Desktop won't start on Windows 10. No help at all.

Great App


Does just what it says. Easy way to get pics off iPhone and onto Mac or PC. Fantastic

No support


If I sync 100 photos, my laptop asks permission to connect for every single photo, even when I answer always accept. There doesn't seem to be a way to allow all photos sent at one time. And there is no support to help me find that setting.

Once you've figured it out!

Marginally Interested

It took some time to find the correct desktop web app to sync with. But once all is set up, this works great.

No Joy!

Hiding out in Texas

iPad app appeared to work, downloaded the PC version from the website as recommended. Opened one time after that refused to open. Uninstalled and reinstalled no joy. Save your $2.99 or donate it to the Harvey Hurricane relief fund it will be better spent.

Doesn’t work w/ win 10 & Iphone


Installed on iPhone 6 and win 10. All processes appear to be running including bonjour. Win 10 recognized but then “have you accepted the connection to target” nothing to accept. Uninstalled from both devices. Back to 1X1 photo xfr

more info should be provided b4 purchase


had PhotoSync loved it after updating to later version stopped recognizing folder for transfer no longer worked purchased PhotoSync Pro went to install Companion on PC and NOT COMPATIBLE WITH ANY WIN VERSIONS PRIOR TO WIN 10. THAT WOULD’VE BEEN VERY HELPFUL SINCE I’M RUNNING WIN 8.1 - It’s only a couple bucks but they were a wasted couple of bucks as I have no intention of being forced into updating to WIN THE 10. VERY DISAPPOINTED IN AN APP I FORMERLY SANG PRAISES ABOUT. :(

Great app.


Loving app.

It works!


I was able to port over 1,289 images to my Mac. I was looking for an app that would save images edited as the edited version from my iPhone app to the computer as my old way of moving photos would not port over the edited versions (Mac’s “Image Capture” program. Which by the way is awful compared to this app). The downside is metadata is lost, I.e. photo creation dates are gone. I used my iPhone to sort my photos into the correct months/year, but it would be great if this metadata feature could be implement in your next sprint so that this app can become the leader in what it does. Love the app! Thanks