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Photomath is free iOS app published by Photomath, Inc.

Life saver but...

Hi bazaire

This is a great app it helped me( did it for meπŸ˜‰) but I’m doing geometry right now and it said it couldn’t help me like how am I supposed find the area of a trapezoid b1=8, b2=12,h=5 like how?!?!? But over all it’s a great app thanks



This is pretty awesome. It help me check my kids homework & show them the steps

Very helpful if you can write down an equation on your device


I always have algebra homework, and when I don’t get the problem, I use photo math to scan the problem. Then photo math would make a graph (if possible) and solve the equation.


henry j boblik

This is soooo good it explained it very well but don’t use it it’s for like homos but it’s dope

Great app!!!


This helps with my homework a lot. It saved my life and also this app was a real time saver. It even shows you the steps on how to do the work!



Really good has helped me with math a lot❀️

I can't believe it


“I will never learn” I always said. I HATED MATH ever since 2nd grade. HATED I SAY HATED. Till one day I was doing my homework and found this. I tried it and... wow. I couldn’t believe it. I love math now. Thank you!!πŸ˜€


Joey bagels


Game Changer


I wish I had this when I was a student. This is big.

Better than suicide hotline


Do I need say anything more?