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Medical Free Sonova AG iPhone, iPad, iPod

Turns your smartphone into a support tool

The Phonak Guide app helps you getting used to your new Phonak hearing aids. After downloading, follow the instructions to customize the app for your specific hearing aids. Handling and maintenance of your hearing aids are illustrated and described in a user friendly way.

• Customized to your specific hearing aid
• Step-by-step instructions
• Troubleshooting guides
• Clinic contact data

Supported Phonak hearing aid families:
• Audéo B
• Bolero B
• Audéo V
• Bolero V
• Virto V
• Naída V
• Sky V


My Phonak Guide is just using up space on my phone/ iPad

I updated my iPhone&iPad this week. I was told to register my hearing aids in the guide app. On My Phonak Guide Model I can’t even put in my model. (Audio M 70 R) When I put serial number in it says it’s invalid! This morning I accidentally hit this guide and it asked for me to register. It didn’t have my model. My serial numbers were invalid. I have the new update on my hearing aids ! This app is the worse! I can’t put it on TV and play a game . If my iPhone battery goes into low power mode my hearing aids go to auto sense. I guess that makes sense! Also I do not know why you wouldn’t advise clients that there’s a new update on their aids ! Not very good communication. This is a great idea! You need to get some engineers to work out all the bugs!

Horrible App
JM in NB

Worthless app! Won’t let me register because it doesn’t like my passwords. Forget it, I don’t think anyone wants to hack into my hearing aids and listen to my life! They’ll be bored to death. And wont get any of my financial information. Not worth the hassle of trying to go further. Later days...

Doesn’t Work

I established a myPhonak using a browser, but I also wanted to use the mobile app; however, the mobile app won’t accept the user name and password I use setting it up with a browser.

Blue tooth changes volume in different ears while watching TV.

I’m using trial Phonak 70. I’m wondering if they could have switched to 50! I used 70 technology then tried 50 for a day. My audiologist switched them back for me. I thought.