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Peter Penguin Packs a Punch!

Peter Penguin has certainly found himself in quite a predicament. Stranded far, far away from his igloo, he needs YOUR help to find his way home! Overcome obstacles including deadly icicles, evil snowmen, and hungry sharks to save Peter Penguin! Featuring original hand-drawn artwork, three difficulty settings, Endless Mode, and high scores!
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Great Game!! I have been waiting months for this game to come out! Keep up the good work MC Studios!!

Sheldon Snowman

Undoubtedly MC Studios' finest effort yet. "Peter Penguin's" simplicity belies its addictive enjoyability: in this reviewer's opinion, a bargain at any price! We are witnessing a revolution in casual video gaming of Pong-like proportions; and like its archaic yet addictive forbear, I doubt Peter will be going anywhere anytime soon.

Love Peter!

Cute, simple, entertaining, and undoubtedly a grandiose accomplishment by MC Studios. The variety of original music, stunning graphics, and the dynamic visual aesthetics within the game make "Peter Penguin Packs a Punch!" a gem within the iTunes App store. Five stars!

Simplistic, yet oddly satisfying

Cockrell's inceptive effort proves to be an Arctic cavort that stimulates not only the fingers, but the mind. If you like pizza, you'll like "Peter Penguin Packs a Punch!"

Sheldon Snowman is an adolescent bully

Peter Penguin Packs A Punch! is a magnificent program on the technological device that really captivates the individual attention of every being in which has attempted to override all the challenging stages of the game. This exciting game takes you on a thrilling journey with Peter Penguin that you will not forget. I recommend this game to all.

Fun and Creative

The hand-drawn graphics and variety of music are very creative. The endless mode is great for practicing each level and trying to beat your own best scores. It is fun to help Peter navigate his challenges and return to his igloo. Great work, MC Studios! Looking forward to a sequel!

Amazing Game
Arandom Personalreview

Peter Penguin Packs a Punch! is the next big game. Very fun and highly addicting, each level presents a new challenge to the player. I'm positive that MC Studio's future apps will be extraordinary as well, and I look forward to, and hope for, a sequel.

Peter Penguin Packs A Punch

Peter Penguin Packs A Punch is an excellent application for mobile devices. While the game is very simple, there is an art to playing it. It engages many different parts of the mind including memory, quickness, and planning. The imagery is exquisite, and each level eloquently flows into the following one. I would recommend this game to all who have a taste for a simple and challenging task to complete.

Challenging and Addicting

This enjoyable game will keep you busy for many hours. The different levels make it easy to start at the lowest level and learn how to get through all of the obstacles that challenge Mr. Penguin in his quest to find his home. The music and graphics make it interesting and entertaining. The game quickly becomes an addicting pursuit and you will want to spend time to see Peter through all of the levels and help him defeat Sheldon and the evil shark!

My Thumbs Ache!
Main line dad

Can't stop playing this game! Addictive music and fast-paced action! Peter's feet may be happy, but my thumbs ache. Keep up the great work MC!

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