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Pet Kitty Fantasy Hairstyle

Girls, there is a new hairstyle game for you .It is helping cat make a fantasy hairstyle .There are three steps to finish the game . Come on ,have fun !
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First step ,you should help Kitty design a new hairstyle .You can crop her hair short ,then straighten or wave the hair .If the hair is too short ,you can use the magic liquid helping the hair become long .Then you can comb her hair preparing for dyeing. During this game ,you can cancel the every steps you did .
Second step ,help her dye the hair .There are many kinds of colour for her .So you can match them or only use one kind of colour you like .
Last step ,help her dress up . Kitty has a lot of dresses ,so you can help her try them on one by one. She likes drinking juice or eating some snacks .So give her some something to eat .She likes wear many hair ornaments .Do not forget to help her wear the necklace and face ornaments .Have good time.


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