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People Finder - Search for People is free iOS app published by Kien Nguyen Chi

Promising, But Not Quite There


I love the app, but I think that it should be 100% free. I trust Spokeo and have used its services before. This is a genuine sponsored review.


Dian Douglas

People finder apps got me connected to some very old friends have not seen in a long time, inertially i thought it was one of those fake apps on Apple play store but I was wrong. A perfect apps. This is a genuine sponsored review.



One of the most enjoyable apps i've used in 2017 so far. I recomment anyone to try it out. Truly an amazing app.

nice app


I like this app. Just as the name suggests, I was able to searched and finds people I had lost contact but wanted to reconnect with. It has a really nice interface and I like the design of the app. This is a genuine sponsored review

Amazing app


A perfect app to find people to lose contacts and to gather more num of people's in the list.this is genuine sponsored review.

Don’t even work.


Couldn’t even get to the find page. Waste of time. Maybe app needs update.

Hate it

tom ziemba

App is terrible bad doesn’t work. Fraud stop payment now

Ad spammer is all


COMPLETELY FAKE !! Any positive reviews must also be fake. The name field is an unstructured text field allowing anything from text to special characters. They just return whatever your input is along with randomized info. The randomized data was written poorly returning data that doesn't match. Zip codes returned are up to a couple hundred miles from the town listed. Area codes returned are the heavy traffic metro ones only. I can go on but why bother. Any doubters can give it a try. I'm sure they'll love the extra ad revenue with the pop ups at each click. APPLE HOW DOES JUNK LIKE THIS MAKE IT TO THE STORE. I THOUGHT THIS WAS THE VERY THING YOUR APPROVAL PROCESS WAS TO PREVENT ?!?!

Not free


It annoys me that no purchase fee but to get report it’s 1.00. Just say it!!!!

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