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Started work as a pc building and become repairing simulator business tycoon in your town. Where you will repair computer step-by-step. The customers come to your workshops and share their demands with us and then we make computers for them. We create a pc architecture according to their specifications. After some days my friend john come to my home. He says that he wants to build a new gaming pc. And you need to take him to the market to buy some computer accessories. You will go to the market with a friend and search for different accessories which are important for the pc.
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Games Fahad Mahmood iPhone, iPad, iPod

* Main Features *
• Pc creator and customise the laptop
• Make a pc architect, design a computer interface model
• Assemble pc motherboard, graphic card and hard drive
• Show your skills and be the pc maker
• Strategy to make your pc gaming shop
• Show new tricks for pc assembling
• Start your pc maker business


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