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Patrick Hotel by Patrick Hoelck

A book that talks — Literally. Commentary on every image by photographer Patrick Hoelck.
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Photo & Video Free Patrick Hoelck iPhone, iPad, iPod

The previously sold-out book titled Polaroid Hotel, is now available in app form. Shoot Share and Listen. Enjoy this exclusive look into the life and career of Patrick Hoelck.


Best App Put Together!

Best app of 2019!! Do the right thing and download this immediately. Great stuff! This is undoubtedly the best app put together by the realest dude ever, there’s simply no reason you shouldn’t have this on your phone this instant.

Best Effect App

Best app of 2019!! Do the right thing and download this immediately. Great stuff!

Excellent App, A Must Have
Birds in the trap sing

This is a wonderful app with a lot of really awesome features, you absolutely have to give it a try.

Best I ever had

Love the book! Worth every cent! And the filters are unique and cool. I get the most comments across social with these edits!!

A Polaroid in your pocket
Berney S.

The Patrick Hotel app is awesome. It brings the color, feel, and frame of a Polaroid camera. As an avid Polaroid enthusiast, I love the skeuomorphic design that even has that familiar sound of your Polaroid printing out after taking the shot. The filters tie the whole package together with the various film emulations which let you shoot your photos in a wide variety of styles. If that wasn’t enough, Patrick Hoelck’s’ Polaroid Hotel art book with his commentary is incredibly fascinating. He’s a wonderful photographer with a great eye, his insight into his photographic process is inspiring. I highly recommend this app.

On point, fun, a great homage to Polaroids

This is a high quality app for creating Polaroid images on your iPhone. I've seen a lot come and go, but this app is unique because it's curated by Patrick Hoelck, and he's picked out very special filters that makes this a personal experience. The app is straight to the point, you point and shoot and instantaneously create a Polaroid, which is Instagram formatted and easy to share across multiple platforms. I love it for it's nostalgic undertones and ease of use. Highly recommended!

Barbara barbara Beatrice

I've always looked to Patrick as an inspiration -- I love his style and look books. I am more than excited to see he has created an interactive app with commentary and images of his work!

Unique perspective

I've been a big fan of Patrick and his work for a while now. The filters are fun to play around with and put up on Instagram/any other social media. But my favorite part of the app is that when you unlock the book it gives an intimate look into Patrick's life and work. The commentary truly makes the app unique and makes you feel as if you've been in the same moments Patrick has experienced.

Love it!!

Amazing App! Love the filters and the overall user experience. It's really easy to share on any social media platform. Next step for the development team: make it so that users can see each others "hotels," please :)

Endless praise for Patrick Hotel :)

Who better to trust with filtering your photos than a professional photographer?! The app is clean and easy to navigate, brings back a certain nostalgia with the Polaroid frames and sounds. The book element and commentary makes this app especially unique and sets it apart from the rest. Patrick did a great job and his passion for art and photography is evident throughout this app

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