Password generator secure Reviews

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Password generator secure is free iOS app published by Mireia Lluch Ortola



Don’t have to do anything but download and start using. Ads are out of the way and do not cause problems.

Very very easy


I don’t have to think. They just give me the new password easily. You can choose to keep or do it again until you like it.

Does exactly what it says


This is extremely helpful when creating accounts from my phone. Lots of apps and sites don’t like the secure passwords generated by Safari, or the password generator doesn’t get triggered in the first place, so it’s really handy to be able to generate passwords.

Needs One Thing to be a 5 Star App


This app is great, does exactly what it says. However, I wish it had a copy button instead of having to manually press & hold to copy the password into your clipboard. The ads are unnoticeable because they’re very small & at the bottom of the screen, never interferes with usage. It has helped me tremendously so I hope they add a copy button so it can be the perfect password app.



Great app.Would like to suggest if you could add touch ID or pass code for the app to protect the saved generated pass codes. MT252525