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Palaver is a modern IRC client for iPhone and iPad featuring a unique user interface which makes using IRC a pleasure. It fits you and your mobile devices perfectly. You can use Palaver on the large screen of the iPad or on the road with your iPhone. Palaver was made with the modern IRC user in mind and features IRCv3 support, ZNC integration, push notifications, and much more.
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Social Networking $1.99 COCODE LTD iPhone, iPad, iPod

• Quick and intuitive interface.
• Auto-completion for nicknames, channels and commands.
• Customizable highlight and mention notices with alerts and vibrations.
• Complete SASL support for securely identifying to networks such as Freenode.
• Wide range of themes and styles to choose from.
• ZNC integration
• Push notifications (with a module for ZNC, see:
• Synchronisation of preferences via iCloud.
• IRCv3 compliant.


Please add Blowfish support

Blowfish encryption is missing to this beautiful client. Without blowfish it's almost useless

Can’t Connect to Gamesurge server (EDIT)

Does this app support gamesurge? I tried connecting and am getting an error, perhaps I am typing in incorrect info but if anyone knows how to connect to Gamesurge via ANY IRC app for Iphone, please let me know. I was able to successfully connect to Gamesurge, which was the main issue here. App looks great, I really enjoy the layout. The only things bugging me is the fact that if I leave the app running in the background for a very short amount of time, if I bring the app back up, I have to reconnect to everything, which is a bit annoying. Only other thing is the signature when you leave, it leaves a link to Palaver’s website, which I don’t want. A custom exit message could be nice, but I mostly just don’t want to see the link. Aside from this, I do enjoy the app.

I like it BUT...

I like the App so far- aesthetically pleasing, ergonomical, fairly straightforward. HOWEVER, I wish it had a function or option to REMAIN CONNECTED when I go use another app or do something else with my phone. For $1.99, I think I should get that.

Pretty good

Can you make a keyboard shortcut to focus on the input box though? This is almost completely navigable with keyboard only, except for sending messages ?

Does what I want

Connects to my bouncer. Presumably will keep getting updated since it’s for-pay.


Shame that an IRC client that has been around for as long as this has — and still being maintained! — still has somewhat limited functionality.

Decent app, great developer!

I appreciate the developer’s supportiveness. I had trouble getting the ZNC-push module to work for me. It turned out to be an SSL certificate trust issue on my server, and Kyle pointed me in the right direction to get things working again.

Best Mutter replacement

For a long time I used Mutter IRC to access IRC through my ZNC bouncer on my iPhone. Mutter reached its end of life this past summer, and I was left in want of the features that Mutter had, particularly a ZNC push notification module. Palaver works great as a Mutter replacement! It has a ZNC push notification module that works just like Mutter’s did. It’s design is intuitive and sleek. My only qualm with it was resolved in Palaver’s most recent update—it now supports the buffextras ZNC module, so joins/parts read correctly on playback!

Really the only professionally-done IRC client for iOS

Other than IRCCloud, which requires a subscription, this is it. It’s well-designed. It has all the features you’d expect. It supports ZNC. I’ve tried other apps, and they don’t hold a candle to Palaver. Kudos to the dev.

My preferred for 2+ years

It does pretty without skimping significantly on functionality. kudos for proactively supporting ZNC. I considered this the best IRC app on iOS over 2 years ago and after taking a long hiatus that hasn't changed. well done.

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