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Paint by Number Oil: Hey Color

HOP ON the new-generation color-by-number app!
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Spend time with fun with dozens of Arts to color — ice creams, donuts, cats, owls, unicorns and more. Just follow the numbers to bring them to life.

Say YES to the played-by-millions coloring game. Color-by-number now!

- Fabulous Arts to color — mandalas, delicious patterns, animals, always-on-stage pop-art and more!
- Daily content updates
- Great relaxing activity
- Kids safe content
- Only the colors needed in the displayed area are shown, making your play faster and easier
- Fast sharing with followers via Facebook or Instagram

* Choose the Art you like
* Color pieces by their numbers (or turn numbers off to challenge yourself)
* Done!
* Share with followers on Instagram and Facebook

Get relaxed in the game. Add colors step by step and you’ll quickly see the result of your efforts.
Need to get focused? No problem either. Turn off the numbers and color without hints. Play with your kids and teach them colors and numbers.

Happy anti-stress by-number coloring!

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Nice app

The only problem is that we get a message on Facebook to answer your question and we are directed to sign into an Instagram account if we have to get an instagram account it needs to be informed about it in the message. Many of us don’t have an account so we lose all the rewards given only from that account. If you post on Facebook we need to get the rewards on Facebook.

Update special pictures
briananna jones

More African American special pictures please

So! ❤️????

I love this app 10/10. It’s so addicting!!! I really love the special pics! But there is one thing…..the fashion collection has very few things to color but I love it!! So what I’m asking is can you add a few more please… would mean a lot to me….if you add more. Thank you???

Incessant Sexist Ads
Ziggy & Pablo's Adventures

I enjoy the game itself, but the incessant (and awful) ads really bring it down. Before, after and EVERY TIME you pause you are forced to watch an obnoxious ad. I mean, you put down your phone for a few seconds to pour a glass of water, you have to watch another stupid ad just to continue. Plus, most of the ads are for these horribly sexist role playing games. I guess it’d at least be a bit more tolerable if I didn’t have to watch all these annoying ads wanting you to play a game where you’re some king running a harem of pregnant women. There is an ad free option, but it’s an obscenely overpriced monthly subscription. So I put up with the ads for now. Also, stop it with the constant feedback pop ups if you don’t want real feedback.


It’s very relaxing

Great Game

Honestly it is a great game it is very satisfying to play and see the pictures come out 10/10 very satisfied ?


A relaxing activity

Color app
i libe the game

Omg I I love this game so much it’s so satisfied with the pops when u put the colors on I love it so much I recommend getting or downloading the ga,e it’s so good. ?

jung yoon lee

I like it

Great Fun, If Only It Worked!

Was really enjoying this app. Tons of fun art covering many genres. But the darn thing keeps freezing up. For a while, the freeze was temporary, locking up for just a few seconds, then moving again. This was frustrating, but not a deal breaker as working the projects was worth it. But eventually, the freeze was more long term, probably permanent. I gave up once, deleted the app then reinstalled in hopes of unfreezing it. It worked, but I lost all my previous work. I continued to endure the constant mini freezes until it locked up permanently, again. Sadly, had to give it up. Nice concept, if only it worked.