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PackRat Card Collecting Game

PackRat is a fun, beautiful, and addictive collectible card game for all ages! With over 8,000 unique cards, PackRat is the largest card trading and collecting game on the App Store. Browse the markets, steal from "The Rats", and trade with friends. List a card in the Auction House and watch your cards sell.
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Games Free HOOKBANG LLC iPhone, iPad, iPod

Create a player profile and play with friends around the world. Manage your friend list and follow other players to keep up with their progress. Propose trades to exchange cards and credits.

Two play styles to match your taste:
Cooperative - other players can't steal from you unless you give them permission
Free For All - free for all players can steal from each other without special permission

New cards are released daily. Join the fun!

Real quotes from real fans:
"There isn't a game I've played anywhere that has kept me engaged for almost 3 years. There is always something new and exciting." -Kelli T

"I ADORE the new auction feature; I have sold so many cards! Thank you for all that you do. I have been playing since 2008 and I love it more than ever!" -Jessica

"I want to compliment you on how well your game runs and how responsive you are to customers. It's refreshing. Thanks for all you do!" -Christine


Love this game

Iā€™m thrilled to find that the game is on an app now! I can take my pack anywhere and play anytime!!

Love this game!
Sarah <:)

PackRat is a very addicting game, I've played it for a long time and spend almost all day playing this crazy card game. Thank you for it!!


Love the app! So much easier to play now!

Packrat Mobile!! :D

Cut the cord! +++

Amazingly addictive game!

Have been playing this game on and off since 2008 and now I can play it anywhere on my iPad. Who knew collecting cards, trading with friends and stealing from rats could be so much fun? If you haven't checked this game out yet, you should... But be warned... It's highly addictive... :D

Woot woot!!!

This game is so addicting!!! Amazingly fast on the app! Super fun!!

PackRat is Addictive Perfection!

Great game! Even better than the original!!! Hopefully they will bring back the Achievement feats! Woot!

Fun fun

I've had a great time playing this game. I'm pretty new but it is a lot of fun.



No seriously wut?
Unknown D from digimon

Like seriously this app is lower quality than Wallabee and you are talking about how much better it is?!?! Your community is horrible! You are horrible for deleting Ben's account when he spent money in the game just because you have completion! The mixing is terrible and is not vast enough! But this game is an ok idea! 2/5