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Our Turtle House gives you exclusive talks, videos, and lessons from your favorite trio of Happiness Experts, all under one virtual roof!
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Discover insightful writers and presenters who will help strengthen your family for these latter days! In Our Turtle House, laughter and learning go hand-in-hand and your kids (yes, even the teens!) will love the fresh, new perspective on applying the gospel.

The rockin’ talkin’ membership site to help you through this hard-shell life! Our members receive exclusive access to:

● Brand new, never before heard, full-length talks from John Bytheway, Meg Johnson, and Hank Smith.

● The BYTHEWAY podcast with you-know-who!

● FHE lesson plans that follow the new Come Follow Me curriculum for teaching families.

● Teaching helps from Hank Smith.

● The exclusive Happiness 101 Online Course.

● And MORE!

A brand new, full-length Turtle Talk released exclusively to Our Turtle House Members every month!

Family members of Our Turtle House will have the exclusive access to Turtle Talks – the fun (and funny) monthly message of motivation.

These inspiring presentations are recorded in front of a small, live audience and then published inside the member’s area. Members will have unlimited access to watch the video recordings, listen to the audio presentations, or even download the audio files for listening offline!

World-renown speaker and author of dozens of books, John Bytheway, shares his thoughts during this weekly podcast. John is constantly entertaining and enlightening audiences around the world and Family Members of Our Turtle House will have easy access to his wisdom and insight.

Do you have a Gospel question? Want to learn more about John? Our Turtle House members can submit their own questions to John via the app.

Scripture Power is a weekly Vlog with short interviews featuring artists, authors, speakers, businessmen, neighbors (and everyone in between) sharing the scripture passages they enjoy and why.

Turtle Family members are also invited to submit their own videos to share!

In each of these powerful, weekly videos, Meg Johnson will discuss a specific trial and offer suggestions for how to endure it happily. These tips go hand-in-hand with the Happiness 101 Course.

You won’t want to miss this weekly dose of inspiration and motivation to help you keep on rollin’!

Nourish your family with a ready-to-go spiritual feast! Insightful lessons with fun activity ideas come every Monday and are complete and ready to help teach your family in fun ways.

Lessons come with three age-specific activities: for young children, for teenagers, and for families. These lessons work collaboratively with the Come Follow Me program and can help you stay on schedule as you teach the gospel in your home!

A motivational article to inspire by world traveler and Jumping Turtle host, Mark Williams!

In this V-log, expert teacher, Hank Smith, shares his wisdom and know-how for teachers. Video tips include:

- Keeping the attention of a class.
- Choosing how to present material.
- Other advanced teaching tricks.
- Each video will provide insight that can help transform the most basic
instructor into an unforgettable teacher.

This online course is valued at $197, but included free for Our Turtle House members. In this 10-module course, students watch videos, complete challenges, and participate in activities designed to strengthen their hold on the elusive happy feelings.

Happiness 101 is the best available course for teaching the skills to be happy.

Best-selling speaker and author, Hank Smith, shares his wisdom in his podcast, Hank Helps: An exploration of family, friends, and faith.

Hank Helps will have you laughing and listening as you gain new insights and understanding into the topics that matter most to you.


Awesome app

Very inspiring! I love it. Great talks by great speakers!

Podcast issues

Podcasts will only play when the app is open and don’t have an option to resume where you left off. So when screen locks the audio stops. If you close the app you have to manually search for where you left off.

Needs to be updated
Lizby 09

I loved listening to Hank Smith! And it was free!!!! The only problem was that when my phone would turn off so would the podcast. I was doing the dishes so I couldn’t keep touching the screen. Ahhh! Please fix this! I also couldn’t change the speed of how fast I could listen to the podcast. Please update your app! It’s 2020!!

The best!!!

I love this app!! Nothing more inspirational than having Hank, John, and Meg along for drives in the car. Or company when folding laundry. Or just to feel happier. Love it!

Love it but it needs to be updated!

I usually don’t write reviews but I love this app! I love listening to the talks! It does need to be updated because when my phone turns off the talk stops. Other than that highly recommend!

Clunky App

I subscribed but everything is still locked. Tried subscribing multiple times, still locked. Super clunky app. I know the speakers are great too bad the app gets in the way. After deleting and reinstalling I was able to get to the content, but it is still super buggy. Videos play with no audio. Reset password never sends the email with the new password. I am a paying bug tester ? Very poorly executed. Still waiting on a new password. If you run a subscription business it is important that your users can get access to what they have paid for. ?‍♂️

Good content but not as user friendly

I love listening to the content; it is uplifting and fun. However, I wish there was an option to auto play next item or that you could just go to the “next podcast” rather than having to scroll through the entire list again to find the one you need. Otherwise great!

Continual bugs and issues

I love the concept of this app. I love the content. I love the speakers. I would love to use this subscription across several devices for our entire family. But the app just gives problem after problem. There always seem to be challenges downloading videos (this is key for the moments when you are out of wifi or cellular range), the audio rarely plays correctly on the videos, frequent password reset issues. Unfortunately I will have to cancel the subscription because it’s just not worth the money for an app that doesn’t function 100%. I think this app needs an overhaul.

Great subscription, ok app

Love the subscription. The app is ok. Seems some of the bugs have been corrected (it used to stop playing if your screen went to sleep), but I still find the app lacking. My son likes to listen to a talk while falling asleep, but the app doesn’t seem to have any options to only play the one talk. It just keeps going, until I wake up at 1am to the sound of talking, just to discover it is still playing. Overall, the app has little in the way of settings, and generally I just the Browser instead.

Great app! Even greater content!
George Appley

The talks are gospel-centered and richly applicable to families and individuals in many cases. I expected it to be slow or to feel difficult to navigate, but that’s not the case; it struck me that it was easy to navigate. That’s part of what made it easy to tell what kind of content they have!

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