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Nut Nut Fight-funny shooting game from bible

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This is a game about one farmer who works hard to guard his apple orchard.

The background of the game has been set in Garden of Eden。The story is about a farmer who has settled down in Eden and been taking good care of that famous apple tree, living in joy and peace with his animal buddies. However, on the other side of the mountain there’s a flock of little monsters who look chubby and a little bit dull. LOL. They are so-called monsters or evils, undoubtedly, while they are neither meat eaters nor vicious. In fact, we can say that they are quite cute to some extent.

The aroma of those juicy apples has allured so many starving monsters to strive for the fruits. In this game, you will play the role of farmer who defends apple trees with snail cannon loaded with nuts,e.g walnut and coconut.

-story video
We will provide you a general introduction of the story and all of the roles in the 3D video right before the game.

You may not be that interested in nuts, but don’t you wanna have a look at the snail cannon and those little evils?

-lucky draw
Once you enter the game, the fights start. The quantity of the nuts that you gather is limited, which means the supply of weapons available for each fight is fixed. You may complain that it’s impossible to make it without sufficient weapons. Don't worries. Extra supply could be earned as your performance bonus, meanwhile you can also try your luck in lucky draw, 10 chances every day.

-funny prop
The fight is fierce enough. The more monsters arrived, the more apples will be ruined. When there’s nothing left in the tree, the game is over. So what you have to keep in mind is that the tool “Apple” could replenish the fruits so as to buy time for you to fight. And when there are too many monsters to aim one by one, “Bomb” could finish them all at once.

You could share your record in Game Center or Twitter to your friends or accept their challenge.

A farmer is not a farmer anymore. He will become a fighter, even a hero. What we cherish is the spirit of competence. And you, will be the one ranked in our champion list.
Now, just come and fight!


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